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Jon Taylor, Portsmouth

5 Stars - "Fantastic experience, not only was John able to pinpoint the problem he was able to eleviate the pain and educate me as to why I was having the issue - I would throughly recommend him to anyone having any kind of issue, he is now my go to person for muscular issue I'm having."

Dan White, Denmead

5 Stars - "After a year of struggling with injury and having seen two different physio's I was at the point where I thought maybe distance running wasn't for me.

My wife recommended John as he had helped her with a running injury so I bit the bullet and booked an appointment.

6 months later this is me crossing the finish line at Snowdonia marathon (my first one!). I owe a big thanks to John for all his help.

Not only do his massages have an immediate effect he offers support, guidance and gives you an understanding of your body. I thoroughly recommend him to anyone.

To anyone out there who is struggling with injury...don't give will beat it ."

Liza McClelland, Havant

Review 1 - 5 Stars "After really hurting myself at the weekend John-Wayne has fixed me I was in so much pain it made me feel physically sick after a single treatment I feel on my way back to normality and I know from my previous experiences of treatment here I will be 100% in the next day. Highly recommend

Review 2 - "After yet another injury from my 600kg horse leaning on me whilst bent over picking his hoof out and completely buffering my back John has put me back together again, I have had numerous different issues all horsey related and each time I know if I book in for a treatment John will fix me I wanted to do another 5 star review but as I have already done one from my last neck/shoulder one I wanted to post to personally thank you and also recommend Advanced SRM amazing I had treatment 2 days ago after not being able to stand for any length of time and no sleep to having a pain free nights sleep - AMAZING THANK YOU."

Karen Muskett, Bognor

Review 1 - 5 Stars - "Following Friday's treatment I didn't get the clicking in my knee at last night's spin class. I think it's a combination of your treatment, doing the stretches and something I read in the book you lent me (if the saddle is too high it can cause IT band problems). Thanks!"

Review 2 - "John has helped me with knee pain which, thankfully, turned out to be due to poor muscles further up the leg which I can work on. He applied taping for 3 sessions leading up to a walking marathon I was taking part in and it was amazing what a difference that made. Thoroughly recommend going to see John if you have any aches and pains."

Gemma Palmer, Emsworth

Very professional service. I've had fantastic results with my back pain.

Mark Ovens, Portsmouth

Having previously worked with John on some lower back issues, I turned to him after dislocating my shoulder and needing surgery on a torn labrum. With a mixture of physio, soft tissue work and rehab I have been able to regain mobility and stability in the shoulder joint. John has excellent knowledge of the way the body works and I always feel in safe hands. I do believe that the soft tissue work complements the physiotherapy and can speed up and improve the healing process, increasing range of motion and improving joint health in a way that would not be otherwise possible. 

Clare Hodgson, Clanfield

As a busy florist repetitive strain injury to my elbow is just the downside of the job .. Countless cortisone injections offered a short term fix but it kept returning worse than ever I was in considerable pain but reluctant to let anyone near it , it was so sore. Cannot believe how quickly and virtually painlessly John mended it with most of the treatment focusing on my shoulder and upper arm I was so sceptical that it could be fixed without even touching the tender painful area of my elbow . So refreshing to have a therapist who has such an amazing holistic approach He sees the bigger picture not just the painful bit.

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