Uninterrupted Support During Life with Covid-19

John-Wayne Hughes
Author: John-Wayne Hughes
Published: 4th January 2021
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In short:

Supercharged, Online and ready for business

A major priority for AdvanceSRM in 2021  has been to ensure the clinic can continue to deliver deliver uninterrupted high-quality client care. While the COVID-19 pandemic is straining the health system worldwide our online sytem utilisesTelehealth as a tool as a substitute for in-person visits. Telehealth has been particularly helpful in improving access to health care for clients who are particulary vulnerable to infection. Telehealth is not just virtual consultation, it is an all-encompassing way ofproviding virtual care. It is used at AdvanceSRM for assessment, monitoring, supporting and rehabilitating clients.

In detail:

image-example-of-rehab-video-and-progress-chart-as-seen-on-mobile-technology  image-of-video-demonstrations-of-exercises-that-can-be-accessed-by-clients  image-of-graph-illustrating-client-rehab-progress 

Covid-safe ONE-TO-ONE Telehealth ONLINE Appointments


Remote one-to-one online appointments have made all the difference for AdvanceSRM clients from whom one-to-one coaching, guidance and support has been vital for their rehabilitation & recovery. As local Covid-19 restrictions are gradually lifted and hands-on treatments are now available remote TELEHEALTH appointments will continue to be offered as an important service at the clinic.


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