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A clinical approach to massage in a caring environment.

A Hampshire based clinic, we take a fresh approach to treating each client by considering the whole person when addressing their specific pain or dysfunction.

Why AdvanceSRM?

Our process

Treatment at AdvanceSRM is about understanding the whole individual. Every client is given the highest quality of care and attention and will experience our professional 3 stage approach. ASSESS - Full assessment of injury, pain or soft tissue dysfunction. TREAT - Address the quality of the soft tissues using clinical massage techniques. EMPOWER - Provide the clients with remedial exercises and advice to help them fully achieve the long term benefits of treatment.

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Clinical Services

Our clinic specialises in providing advanced clinical soft tissue therapies for clients from all walks of life, presenting with a variety of musculoskelatal conditions, as well as medical issues.

Online one-to-one appointment

One-to-one online sessions give clients access to a qualified soft tissue therapist who will assess your specific complaint and address all concerns you may have. You will be advised on the best way to recover at home and will be provided with expert rehabilitation support to get you back to full health.

Advanced Soft Tissue Therapy

Advanced soft tissue & remedial massage techniques are used to: restore range of motion; address imbalance in muscle groups; which is causing pain or dysfunction; rehabilitate soft tissue trauma caused by injury, surgery or chronic conditions.

Clinical Sports & Remedial Massage

Employs a range of advanced soft tissue techniques (including massage) to treat and prevent sports related pain and injuries and improve soft tissue quality and joint mobility.

Injury Rehabilitation

Whether suffering from an acute injury or chronic disease rehabilitation provides clients with a structured programme of recovery that helps to prevent, correct or eliminate the impairment and functional loss altogether.

Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (ESWT)

Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy is a non-surgical clinical treatment where low energy shock waves are passed through the skin to the site of injury/complaint, using a specialist device. This increases blood flow speeds up your body’s healing process.

Postural Correction

Following a thorough assessment, a combination of Soft Tissue Treatment, Remedial Therapy and Education is employed to correct the global and local soft tissue abnormalities in order to reduce pain and dysfunction by bringing the skeleton back to its most optimal alignment and function.

Oncology massage

Therapeutic soft tissue massage that, research has shown, has beneficial outcomes for people suffering with cancer. Sensitive and intuitive treatments are used to help manage a client's condition by controlling symptoms and improving quality of life.

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