About AdvanceSRM

A specialist clinic, we combine a wealth of experience in research, an excellent understanding of biochemistry and physiology, with specialist clinical soft tissue and remedial massage techniques to address the root cause of pain or dysfunction.

Treatment at AdvanceSRM is about understanding the whole individual

Every client is given the highest quality of care and attention and will experience our professional 3 stage approach:

ASSESS - Full assessment of injury, pain or soft tissue dysfunction.

TREAT - Address the quality of the soft tissues using clinical massage techniques.

EMPOWER - Provide the clients with remedial exercises and advice to help them fully achieve the long term benefits of treatment.

Our approach

Our personable and honest approach to treatment helps us build a trusting relationship with every client. This ensures that we are able to provide the best standard of treatment and tailor it to the specific problem each individual is looking to be addressed.

John Hughes

Founder, owner and lead therapist at Advance soft Tissue & Remedial Massage, John brings honest and ethical values to the specialist world of soft tissue therapy. Bringing his expert skills and knowledge to every session, he endevours to support, educate and guide every client towards a pain free future.


Upon completion of his training at The School of Soft Tissue Therapy - London (LSSM) John was awarded a Level 5 qualification in Soft Tissue Therapy by The Institute of Soft Tissue Therapists (ISRM) and BTEC. He has since achieved qualifications in Kinesiology taping, Oncology Massage, Pregnancy and Postnatal Massage.

Full price list

Our prices are fully transparent and are an honest reflection of the high quality of skills and expert services offered at our Hampshire based, AdvanceSRM clinic.


Valuing the opinions of every client here we would like to share some of the great things some of the people we helped have said about Advance Soft Tissue & Remedial Massage.

Frequently asked questions

With every new experience comes a barage of concerns and queries that we are often afraid to express. Here you will find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions by clients.

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