Injury Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation offers people suffering from an acute injury or chronic disease a structured way to limit the extent of the complaint, reduce or reverse the impairment and functional loss by taking them through a structured programme of recovery.

Rehabilitation at the AdvanceSRM clinic involves a combination of several methods of manual therapy, which is designed to correct the impairments and dysfunctions associated with a client's injuries, illness or surgery. This treatment improves the functional ability and movement of a client. Our approach improves the flexibility and alignment of patients’ soft tissues and bones. It incorporates soft tissues therapy, therapeutic exercises, gait training, balance training, functional mobility, and stretching. The treatment seeks to enhance recovery, reduce pain, return functional ability and restore quality of life to those with physical impairments or disabilities caused by daily living. work, illness, sport, or surgery.


Whether you have an acute or chronic injury due to sport or during recreational activity or you are suffering with a musculoskeletal complaint that is the result of illness or surgery, a full rehabilitation programme to help you get back to full health will be designed by a qualified therapist. 

Rehabilitation is perfect for anyone who requires expert help to:

  • Overcome acute or chronic trauma
  • Prevent soft tissue damage
  • Speed up recovery following surgery
  • Improve range of movement
  • Improve performance
  • Restore full function as soon as possible
  • Recover and return to sport quickly
  • Strengthen weakened muscle groups
  • Reduce any pain and infalmmation from your injury
  • Maintain cardiovascular fitness whilst injured
  • Minimise the risk of future injuries
  • Improve flexibility and coordination
  • Advise on correct remedial exercise and equipment


Before any treatment, you will need to complete a client intake form which will enable us to get a detailed understanding of the type of problem, injury and symptoms you are dealing with. This ensures that any treatments and rehabilitation programmes can be tailored to the specifics of your problem, for instance the approach taken when working with a dislocated shoulder may be simply to release chronically tight muscles and surgical scarring to improve range-of-movement, whereas if the client is dealing with repetitive strain, then the intenton of the treament might be to reduce the discomfort, while educating the client about the best way to self-care for the condition between visits.


The length of a session is dependent upon the specific condition a person is suffering with, the needs of the client and the desired outcomes from each treatment. The inital consultation takes around 60min and a typical rehab session will be 45min and the number of sessions needed is very much dependent upon the personal needs of each client.



Initial consultation  - £45

Rehab sessions - £45



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'The message from the elite levels of sport is clear: If you want to get healthy or stay healthy get a good manual therapist in your corner.' - Michael Boyle, a world leading sport performance coach.

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