Case studies

Real life stories to highlight how clinical soft tissue massage can benefit a variety of conditions.

If you are wondering how specialist soft tissue massage may benefit your condition, then the following case studies demonstrate how AdvanceSRM has improved the lives of each client through a bespoke treatments tailored to there individual needs.

Case study 1 - Iliotibial Band Syndrome

Mr. White - After a year of struggling with pain and having seen two different physiotherapists Mr. White was ready to turn away from distance running. Following specialist soft tissue treatment he completed the 2016 Snowdonian Marathon INJURY FREE!

Case study 2 - Anterior Shoulder Dislocation

Mr. Ovens - Folowing a dislocated shoulder during a rugby match, serious damage was caused to the glenoid labrum and surrounding soft tissue damage. Clinical soft tissue therapy was used to compliment intensive physiontherapy, which has seen Mr. Ovens make an incredible recovery, regaining both mobility and strength in the shoulder that had been lost following the initial injury and surgery.

Case study 3 - Flexor Tendon Rehabilitation

Mr. Martin - As consquence of a fall during gymnastics Mr. Martin caused trauma to his hand which resulted in an overly tight and shortened flexor tendon across the palm of his hand. This was affecting the function of the little finger. Specialist soft tissue treatment on the hand, combined with supervised remedial exercises saw Mr. Martin enjoy improved comfort, control and range of movement of the little finger.

Case study 4 - Remedial Therapy for an Oncology Client

Mr. Morgan - After successful surgery to remove a tumor, Mr. Morgan was struggling with post-operative scar tissue in the neck and shoulder dysfunction. Specialist massage and remedial treatment was used successfully to treat the restricted movement of shoulder and improve his quality of life.

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