Our Massage Approach

We pride ourselves on offering a personable and honest approach to treatment, which is tailored to the specific needs of every client.

Since opening its doors to clients AdvanceSRM has evolved as a clinic, which prides itself on offering a range of advanced soft tissue massage therapies to help clients overcome a wide variety of musculoskeletal disorders. What makes the AdvanceSRM approach so successful, is we will always go the extra mile to fully understand the needs, concerns and expectations of every client. This ensures that we can deliver the appropriate treatment when addressing with the specific problems the client is looking to overcome.

Holding onto a very simple mantra shared by an exerienced mentor we don't overcomplicate treatments but rather keep in mind the following phrase, 'Keep it simple stupid!'

The advanceSRm approach

Proud to offer clients a the highest quality of service in the industry, the clinic has specialised in providing services for acute and chronic conditions that people traditionally would not have turned to massage as a way of managing their symptoms, overcoming trauma, repairing soft tissue damage or improve their well-being and quality of life. More than a therapeutic massage, the skills, techniques and experience employed at the clinic means that we are able to treat people from all walks of life with a range of soft tissue related problems.

Every client is given the highest quality of care and attention and will experience our professional 3 stage approach:

ASSESS - Full assessment of injury, pain or soft tissue dysfunction.

TREAT - Address the quality of the soft tissues using clinical massage techniques.

EMPOWER - Provide the clients with remedial exercises and advice to help them fully achieve the long term benefits of treatment.

How we AS Therapists Strive to Be! - The owner's perspective.

Early into my career I came across the science writer, and former massage therapist, Paul Ingram. In one of his articles, 'Does Massage Work?' gives a great summary of what constitutes a good therapist. He wrote that,

'Good massage therapists are the ones with more training and a bigger toolkit. They do what they can with the tools they judge to be the most useful, and they candidly discuss risks, benefits, evidence, and controversies. They don’t just pay lip service to humility as a general principle of alternative medicine — they make it a centerpiece, recognizing that they really are not trained enough to know much.'

This is how we at AdvanceSRM strive to be when treating clients!

Knowing our limits is essential for successfully helping clients. Therefore, when it is clear to us from  a thorough assessment or following treatment that we are unable to help you achieve the desired outcome, we will always help you find the necessary professional help to overcome your pain, discomfort, dysfunction or trauma. 

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