Oncology Massage

Therapeutic soft tissue massage is employed to support and strengthen the lives of people suffering with cancer. Sensitive and intuitive treatments are used to help manage a client's condition by controlling symptoms through the incredible power of touch.

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Oncology massage is an approach to massage therapy based in both compassion and specialised massage treatments to help people of all ages manage their symptoms and experience of cancer. 

What Will Happen?

Before any treatment, you will need to complete a client intake form which will enable us to get a detailed understanding of the type of cancer and symptoms you are dealing with. This ensures that any treatments can be tailored to the specifics of your condition, for instance the approach taken when working with breast cancer may be simply to release the surgical scarring to improve range-of-movement, whereas if the client is dealing with Hodgkin lymphoma, then the intention of the treament might be to help control the symptoms.


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How long is the Treatment?

The length of a session is dependent upon the specific condition a person is suffering with, the needs of the client and the desired outcomes from each treatment. For some clients 60min can be too exhausting, whereas for others a 30min session not be sufficient. A typical session will be 30min or 60min and the number of sessions needed is very much dependent upon the personal needs of each client.

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Length of Session  Therapist Price Director Price
1 hour £72 £84
45mins £60 £72
30mins £42 £48

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As per the world renown oncology massage therapist, 'Gayle MacDonald' states the main focus of any treatment is 'first do no harm' and this is the cornerstone of all treatments performed at AdvanceSRM.

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