Clinical Sports & Remedial Massage Therapy

This is a specialist therapy that employs a range of advanced soft tissue & remedial massage techniques to treat and prevent sports related pain and injuries, while improving soft tissue quality and joint mobility.

At Advance SRM Therapies, a professional therapist qualified to the highest level in clinical sport & remedial massage therapy, will help you prevent or overcome injury, maintain mobility and improve performance. Able to assess common musculoskeletal problems and dysfunction you can expect to receive the best treatment for a range of issues including soft tissue trauma associated with a dislocation, surgery, repetitive strain, muscular tears, neck/back pain or joint disfunction to name but a few.


Clinical Sports & Remedial Massage Therapy is for anyone that requires professional help to -

  • Overcome acute trauma
  • Prevent soft tissue damage
  • Speed up recovery following surgery
  • Improve range of movement
  • Avoid long term injuries
  • Improve performance


Before any treatment, you will need to complete a client intake form which will enable us to get a detailed understanding of the type of problem, injury and symptoms you are dealing with. This ensures that any treatments can be tailored to the specifics of your problem, for instance the approach taken when working with a dislocated shoulder may be simply to release chronically tight muscles and surgical scarring to improve range-of-movement, whereas if the client is dealing with repetitive strain, then the intention of the treament might be to reduce the discomfort, while educating the client about the best way to self-care for the condition between visits.


The length of a session is dependent upon the specific condition a person is suffering with, the needs of the client and the desired outcomes from each treatment. A typical session will be 30min  or 60min and the number of sessions needed is very much dependent upon the personal needs of each client.

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Length of Session Therapist Price Director Price
Clinical Sports Massage 1hr £72 £84
Clinical Sports Massage 30mins £42 £48




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    'The message from the elite levels of sport is clear: If you want to get healthy or stay healthy get a good manual therapist in your corner.' - Michael Boyle, a world leading sport performance coach.

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