Hand Trauma Rehabilitation - Little finger flexor tendon damage.

Trauma caused to flexor tendons can be the result of cuts, sport injuries, bites, arthritis or crushing injuries. Such trauma can make it difficult to fully straighten one or more fingers. Tendon damage may cause pain and inflammation in the hand and can lead to loss of normal hand movements.

Grey Image of Flexor Tendon Thiickening Resulting in Curled Little Finger

Client: Andy Martin

Age: 51yrs

Problem:  Following an injury suffered when performing a hand stand during a gymnastics session, Andy was left with a thickening of the flexor tendon that is responsible for us being able to curl our little finger. He had visited two different GP's, both of which confirm he had caused trauma to the hand, yet neither provided him with any advice on treatment or rehabilitation for the injury. Feeling disheartened with the lack of support Andy had a strong feeling he had damage the tendon attaching to the little finger and decided to come the AdvanceSRM for help . 

Treatment: Clinical Sports & Remedial Massage Therapy / Advanced Soft Tissue Therapy  / Kinesiology Taping / Remedial Exercise and Stretching

Outcome: The treatment was over 6 sessions and involved a combination of advanced soft tissue techniques, which resulted in a significant improvement in the flexiblity of the tendon and the overall function of the little finger. Andy's progress was also enhanced by his willingness to carryout all the remedial exercises and stretches introduced to him during treatment.

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