IT Band Syndrome

The iliotibial band is a thick band of fascia that has a role in straightening the knee, abducting the leg and stabilisation of the leg when running. When this structure is overused it can result in IT band syndrom, which can be very painful.

Black and White Image of IT band Syndrome

Client: Dan White 

Age: 31yrs

Problem: Dan came to the clinic after experiencing pain on the outside of the leg very near to where the IT band crosses the kne joint and attaches to the tibia. He was experiencing a pain on the outside of the knee when running and was finding that he couldn't run more than a few miles before the pain was proving too much to continue on. After seeking treatment with two different physiotherapists, Dan was on the verge of giving up distance runnign completely. It was following a recommendation from his wife that Dan decided to come to AdvanceSRM for help. 

Treatment: Clinical Sports and Remedial Massage Therapy / Kinesiology Taping / Remedial Exercise and Stretching

Outcome: After a few sessions, Dan showed an incredible improvement in the condition of the knee. Acting upon the advice given to him after each session Dan was able to return to running and each week foud that he could run further and further. This culminated in Dan completing the Snowdonia Marathon 6 months after his first visit to the clinic. After the few initial treatments Dan signed up for the AdvanceSRM subscription for a monthly treatment and continues to visit the clinic for a well-being treatment today. 

'Amazing fellow, amazing achievement!' - John Hughes, AdvanceSRM Founder.

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