Always striving to meet the highests standards expected of professionals in the field soft tissue therapy AdvanceSRM therapists are all qualifiied to at least a BTEC level 5 in Soft Tissue Therapy or similar advanced massage training. Here you will find information about the organisations or bodies with which AdvanceSRM is affiliated.


Many Soft Tissue practitioners employ a range of additional assessment and remedial techniques to effectively and quickly treat a wide range of conditions occurring in their client's, both sports and non sports people, providing both an independent remedial massage service, and working with other health care professionals as appropriate to their clients need. The ISRM was created to give remedial massage therapists, such as those at AdvanceSRM, a voice and identity within the rapidly growing sports massage profession. The institute aims to give formal recognition to those therapists who have been trained to effectively assess clients independently, and use a range of remedial techniques to assist their recovery.

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