Clanfield Challenge 2017 - How the Benefits of Pre and Post Event Massage Makes an Incredible Difference!

In short:

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Why the Benefits of Pre and Post Event Massage Makes an Incredible Difference Performance & Recovery!

2017 has seen a number of AdvanceSRM clients overcome some serious injuries, operations and pain to finish some of UK's most challenging events, including the Brighton and London Marathons. For anyone that has completed such an incredible feat they will likely have experiened strong feelings of euphoria, exhilaration, exhaustion and most definitley some degree of muscular pain. It would be great if this particular aspect could be avoided completely however muscular pain is a given for anyone that undertakes such an experience

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In detail:

So why is it that the muscles can hurt so much after a serious run? Well here's the answer! As Charlie Pedlar, a physiologist at the English Institute of Sport, explains in the article entitled, 'The body's marathon effort' the reason for the muscular discomfort is that,  'during the run the muscles of the body experience micro-damage - tiny, undetectable tears caused by constant pounding against the ground. As you continue running, the body tries to support its tissues in the muscle and prevent further damage. The body is saying: 'don't do this to me!'. As it tries to repair the damage, a small amount of swelling can occur. As if that wasn't enough, there's always the risk of cramp. This occurs when fatigue and dehydration cause the muscle to tighten up and become incredibly sore. If you've prepared well and stay well hydrated, the risk of suffering is reduced'.

If you think shorter distances offer a greater chance of avoiding muscular pain, discomfort or injury then I'm sorry to say you could be sorely disappointed if you don't prepare well enough. For those participating in the Clanfield Challenge on the 14th May, although muscular damage, to some extent is inevitable, the degree of damage will be dictated by how you prepare and look after yourself. So what can you do to avoid injury and improve recovery? 

Before the Event

  1. Fuel
  2. Hydrate
  4. Stretch
  5. Warm-up

After the Event

  1. Re-fuel.
  2. Re-hydrate.
  3. Stretch.

Why massage makes a difference!


Pre-event massage, in recent years, has become an essential part of any top athlete's preparation for competing in an event.  Whether you are a professional rugby player, a world class marathon runner or someone looking to simply complete the 5k or 12k at the Clanfield Challlenge, pre-event treatment can help loosen tight muscles, activate or stimulate tired muscles, and will ultimately relax and calm down a person's nerves. Tailored to the individual's needs and seen as part of the participant's warm-up, employing a slow massage can help relax the neck, back and shoulders, while at the same time more stimulating techniques can be applied to the mucles of the hips and legs to awaken them for the task ahead.


From my own experience of working at numerous cycling, triathlon and obstacle course race events, I can hand on heart say that most participants look forward to the massage offered at the end of the event. Along with a psychological boost the massage aids recovery by offering particpants the following benefits: 

  • A calming effect on the nervous system 

  • An easing of muscle tightness

  • The realignment of muscle fibres 

  • Restoration of normal blood flow to tired muscles

  • The lengthening of tight muscles 

  • Reduced post-event muscle soreness 

Therapeutic stretching can be performed folllowing the massage to further release muscle tension and improve range of motion if deemed necesssary.

Pre & Post Event Massage Available at the Clanfield Challenge 

Image of Clanfield Cahllenge Volunteer t shirt with sponsor AdvanceSRM on front and 2017 Event Hero on Back

As part of our support for the Clanfield Challenge, AdvanceSRM is offering pre and post-event massages. Each massage session costs £10 and lasts 15mins. Consecutive sessions can be booked if you wish to have a longer massage (max. 30min). In order to accomodate everyone, we ask for these sessions to be pre-booked using the online enquiry form stating your interest and payment will be taken on the day. Confirmation of your booking will be sent to you via email, bring this along with you on the day. 

Stuck for stretches? Why not check out the wide range of videos posted on Instagram or alternatively you could give the stretches in the video a go to release tight muscles before or after an event.

Static Leg Stretches for Long Term Injury Prevention

In this video I demonstrate a number of static stretches for the legs that may be carried out to help with long term injury prevention. Please not that this is not a definitive guide and any stretches shown here should only be performed under the guidance of the relevant professional.

If you are suffering from any of the symptoms or complaints or are looking for pre or post-event treatment as described above please book online.


DISCLAIMER: John Hughes is a qualified Clinical Soft tissue & Remedial Massage Specialist, and the exercises demonstrated in this video are to be used only as a reminder of how to carry out exercises that have been demonstrated to you by an appropriately qualified professional. Performing the techniques shown in this video should never take the place of visiting your own doctor or other appropriately qualified person for treating any discomfort or pain you may be experiencing. Remember, your own therapist will ensure that you are performing the exercises correctly. Doing it wrong may result in you making the situation worse instead of better. If at any time, you are aware of any increase in discomfort or experience any unexpected pain while performing any remedial exercises then you must STOP and seek advice from your General Practitioner.

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