Repair, Recover, Reinforce - AdvanceSRM Therapies' DIY Guide to Self-Care for Runners!

John-Wayne Hughes
Author: John-Wayne Hughes
Published: 28th October 2018
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In short:


AdvanceSRM Therapies’ DIY guide to self-care for runners.

The wheels of The Clanfield Challenge 2019 Bus have started to turn once again and we are on a journey to make this the best ever. This is the first of a series of  posts, by Dr. John Hughes (Founder of Advance Soft Tissue and Remedial Massage Therapies), which will introduce to all interested the BEST ways for insulating the body against INJURY as they prepare for The Clanfield Challenge 2019, and aim to be in peak condition for the main event on May 19th Next Year!

Repair, Recover, Reinforce - Self-Care for Runners!


By design we are meant to move. In early childhood, nearly every one of us had an innate desire to move, to challenge and to strengthen the plethora of muscles and joints that made it possible for us to explore the world around us, whether that be wrestling with a sibling, scoring a goal or running crazily around the playground at school. Our bodies were HEALTHY. We moved free from wear and tear, free from restriction; both flexible and agile, we were so much more daring with the way we challenged ourselves. We were encouraged to push ourselves, to move more and in doing so, to have fun. Whether it was performing somersaults from the arm of the sofa, or enjoying the climbing, twirling, skipping or jumping, these were things we would all do, and if you cast your mind back to remember in all likelihood you did this with little effort, without hesitation and WITHOUT PAIN.

As adults, many of us still have the desire to move and many of us have turned to running to give us the natural buzz the body craves. Whether we run to compete, to keep fit and healthy or to destress ourselves following a tough day at work, running is the purest form of exercise and like walking it is something we were born to do! 

In detail:

Preparing you for the Challenge of a Lifetime


For everyone looking to run HEALTHILY into old age, surely, it’s better to aspire to become a classic car or fine wine as opposed to a rusty banger or a bottle of unpalatable homebrew. While our exteriors get weathered with age, and may not be what they once were, we can do so much more to keep that important stuff below the chassis, the unseen aspects of ourselves so to speak, in good working order by doing what we can to stay strong and avoid serious injury. This not an unattainable nirvana, it is achievable through maintaining, or even better by improving our running selves by ensuring that we nurture the flexibility, mobility and strength necessary for running happy well into the future.

Research has shown that 4 out of every 5 runners out there are struggling with some form of running related injury. This may be a shocking fact when you think about it, however it also tells us the nearly 1 in 5 of us is running without injury. Sometimes it is not what we do to the body that is the main cause of injury, it is rather that which we are not doing that is leads our running self to break. That said, none of us wants to break when running and to become one of those individuals that is out there loving the great outdoors injury free learning some basic skills to help the body endure the mechanical stress of pounding the ground is a must!

Learning to look after yourself effectively, as you prepare for this GREAT event is a must and with each of the forthcoming posts you will gain a better insight into what is clever runners are doing to,

  • overcome minor injuries as they happen,
  • improve the quality of soft tissues as they repair and
  • maintain a functionally fit healthy body that is insulated against future injury.

Let's begin with a short video introducing the key things all runners should be doing to ensure that they can be the best running version of themselves that they can be. All of this will be covered in more detail in the subsequent posts so be patient and don't hesitate to contact me with any burning questions you may have regarding any specific problems you are struggling with.

Repair, Recover, Reinforce - AdvanceSRM Therapies' DIY Guide to Self-Care for Runners!

Video highlights the key areas covered by Dr. John in his series of posts aimed at helping entrants to prepare for the Clanfield Challenge 2019 so that they can get the best out of themselves when they take up their chosen CHALLENGE on the 19th May next year!

In this series of short blogs you will be introduced to the key aspect of self care that will help you understand the best way to overcome minor complaints and avoid serious injury as you enjoy your running wll into the future. A layered approach which begins with 1. soft tissue mobilisation through self-massage (two parts), you will also cover the importance of 2. static stretching, 3. dynamic movement, 4. key remedial exercises, which will improve strength, balance and mobility! The final aspect of the series cover the importance of investing in your long term well-being  with regular soft tissue therapy from expert hands.

If you are currently coping with a soft tissue complaint, whether it be because of POSTURE, INJURY, SURGERY or ILLNESS and you are making no progress alone then get in touch Today! 


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