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AdvanceSRM is committed to offering highest quality massage treatments at a price that is an honest reflection of the service, expertise and qualifications offered at the Hampshire clinic.

AdvanceSRM prides itself on offering choice for its clients. From a standard wellbeing-soft tissue massage to a range of specialist clinical therapies we like to ensure that the pricing reflects the needs of every client.

For those looking for more frequent treatments, many clients choose the 'AdvanceSRM Subscription Programme', which allows our clients to take advantage of the many benefits of clinical soft tissue massage at a discounted rate. 

Specialist Soft Tissue Therapy

Prices - Any Specialist Treatment

  • 90 min - £65
  • 60 min - £45
  • 45 min - £40
  • 30 min - £30

All AdvanceSRM specialist soft tissue services are offered at a price that reflects the quality, standard and level of training undertaken. The advanced services include:

  • Oncology Massage
  • Specialist Preganancy & Postnatal Therapies
  • Postural Correction
  • Advanced Soft Tissue Therapy
  • Clinical Sports & Remedial Massage
  • FREE Kinesiology Taping when necessary

Well-being Massage

Prices - Well-Being Massage

  • 90 min - £55
  • 60 min - £40
  • 45 min - £34
  • 30 min - £25

With so many people in today's society understanding the need to maintain a healthy physical and mental wellbeing many of our clients that look to reap the all the benefits of a regular massage, which also helps them stay injury (or discomfort) free, remain healthy or get healthier faster. 

AdvanceSRM Subscription Programme

Offering clients a unique way to invest in their long term health, many people who choose to have a well-being massage signup for a monthly subscription. 

The price of the monthly subscription is *£40 and includes a 1hr specialist or well-being treatment with a speciailist soft tissue therapist qualified to the highest standards in the profession. Each additional 1hr treatment booked that month is only *£36. You can schedule as many appointments you would like in the month and pay the discounted rate every time.

*The cost includes any type of treatment offered at the AdvanceSRM and is for a 50-Minute hands-on session with time for consultation and preparation for the scheduled hour.

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