Founder of Advance Soft Tissue & Remedial Massage

John Hughes' passion for soft tissue massage therapy and his drive to 'help everyone' overcome their pain & improve their global wellbeing is at the heart of what makes the AdvanceSRM a unique and different experience.

AdvanceSRM endevours to be a place that provides the highest level of service for every client that has come to the clinic for help. Specialising in the clinical application of soft tissue and remedial massage great pleasure is taken in knowing that AdvanceSRM is growing into an ethical, respected and trusted place where anyone suffering with soft tissue trauma, pain or dysfunction can expect to be treated to the highest standards.

Photo of John Hughes Founder of AdvanceSRM

A Few words from the founder of AdvancesRM

'It is important to put your house in order, and when I say 'house' what I really mean is your physical well being. You see, so many people, during their working life, strive to surround themselves with beautiful things, including a comfortable home, a reliable car and a loving family and yet if they have not taken the time to invest in their own wellbeing then they don't fully get to enjoy the world around them to the degree they would in a life without out pain. ' - John Hughes.

As a person who has suffered with chronic lower back pain following a rugby injury, in which I suffered ligament damage to one of the vetebrae in my lower spine, I was offered now remedial help with the injury by the GP other than his suggestion that I take up swimming to speed up recovery. It took me nearly a year to get back to playing Rugby again and it is because of this injury and the subsequent year that I know all to well how the pain felt on a daily bases can have  negative impact on our mental and physical well being, which inturn dulls our enjoyment of  ourselves and the world around us. Over 20 years later since the injury, I have no residual discomfort, or dysfunction, when it comes to my lower back, however it is a qualified therapist in the world of soft tissue therapy that I am in no doubt that had the GP known about and had referred me to a specialist soft tissue therapist then I have no doubt that the time it took me to return to full health could have been significantly reduced. 


In 2014, John Hughes began his journey into the world of massage by embarking on an intensive year of study, with the view to gain the BTEC/LSSM Level 5 Professional Diploma in Clinical Sports and Remedial Massage. A life changing experience, upon completion of the course in 2015, John was inspired to open the 1st Advance Soft Tissue & Remedial Massage clinic in the hope that he could offer an advanced massage service for anyone suffering with pain irrespective of their gender, age, job or sport.

Prior to embarking on this incredibly rewarding life in physical therapy, John's first brush with the incredible benefits of massage camewhile working as an English language teacher in Japan.  Introduced to a Japanese style of massage, known as Seitai, while studying the martial art of Aikido. Now a qualified teacher this Japanese art form, he still emplys the Seitai techniques he learnt to help his body recover from training and reduce the likelihood of injury. It was with this understanding and while working as a qualified teacher of pupils with special needs, that he could see first hand the benefits that massage can bring to a variety of debilitating conditions that he was convinced that a future career as a complimentary health care professional was the right choice for him.

'I thoroughly enjoy the using my unique skills to help and ADVANCE the physical and mental well-being of people from all walks of life' - John Hughes, Founder of AdvanceSRM.

Specialising in clinical advanced soft tissue and remedial massage therapy, John offers his clients -

  • Soft tissue therapy for pain and discomfort that is related to injury, illness or surgery
  • Specialist soft tissue and remedial pregnancy and postnatal massage
  • Oncology masssage 
  • Postural correction 
  • Clinical sports and remedial massage
  • Kinesiology taping

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