Adapting To Covid-19

John-Wayne Hughes
Author: John-Wayne Hughes
Published: 20th October 2016
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In short:

Things you need to know:

1. Covd-19 safe one-to-one ONLINE sessions to begin via Telehealth technology.

2. Get coached, assessed and rehabilitated during crystal clear video calls anywhere in the world.

3. Easy access to rehabilitation programmes via a cutting edge app, which lets you complete your prescribed exercise program by following narrated exercise videos.

In detail:

Covid-safe ONE-TO-ONE ONLINE Appointments


Remote one-to-one online appointments have made all the difference for AdvanceSRM clients form whome one-to-one coaching, guidance and support has been vital for their rehabilitation & recovery. As local Covid-19 restrictions are gradually lifted and hands-on treatkments are becoming increasingly likely built upon the success of the online remote appointments this service will continue to offered at the clinic.


Key points:

  • Sessions are carried out using Telehealth technology.
  • Clients recieve a unique link to start the session. There is no software download needed.
  • Initial consultations take 45 mins an involve an in-depth interview and assessment to identify the root cause, any predisposing factors to injury and any other health related disorders. This will be used to inform the recommended treatments and recovery plan.
  • Virtual one-to-one rehabilitation take upto 45 mins. In these sessions the clients recieves quality one-to-one coaching, assessing, rehabilitation and support helping them manage ailments, reduce pain, increase range of motion, and recover quicker. 
  • All online appointments cost at £45 a session (even if more time is required).
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